Tuesday December 20, 2016
BIRMINGHAM are delighted to welcome talented teenager Layne Cupitt to the club for the 2017 campaign.

The 18-year-old is the first newcomer to the side and joins Tom Bacon, Danyon Hume and Jack Parkinson-Blackburn who all return for a second successive season.

Cupitt, brother-in-law of two time World Champion Tai Woffinden, has made steady progression since making his shale debut with the King's Lynn Young Stars in 2015.

Following a brief spell with Cradley, Cupitt made the switch to the Isle of Wight last season and was voted their Riders' Rider of the Year.

Coming in as a 3.00 reserve, Brummies boss Graham Drury believes the Nottinghamshire based racer will add significantly to his starting figure.

"I rate this lad very highly and I think he's going to prove to be a very good signing, especially on that bargain of an average," Drury said.

"He's got a very tidy style on a speedway bike, he's a very technical rider and I think he's one of the three-point picks that stood out on paper.

"When he scored nine points in the British Under-19 Final at Perry Barr this year, he was a rider who caught my eye in that prestigious meeting and that performance typified his capabilities.

"Since he switched engines he's been a different rider and it's done his confidence the world of good.

"He enjoys the Perry Barr track and I'd like to think he will grow in confidence even further meeting by meeting.

"Having someone like Tai in the background can only be a good thing and he'll constantly be learning and picking things up from him I'm sure.

"It's actually a case of third time lucky with me trying to sign Layne because I've tried on two other occasions to try and get him in my teams before but he had already committed himself to other clubs.

"But I'm highly delighted to have him in next year's side and he's a great addition to an already strong looking team."

Cupitt himself says it's an honour to be wanted by the reigning National League Champions.

"I'm really happy to be with Birmingham and to sign for the Champions means a lot to me," Cupitt said.

"I really enjoy riding their track and I think that will make a big difference to my performances and scores.

"I'm really looking forward to next year with the team and hopefully it's the year I can make some good progress."

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